If you’re all about recycling and DYI, you might enjoy small or big projects where you can restore something so it can have a second life. With natural resources dwindling and people continuously buying new things they don’t need, you’re a rare species. Luckily, you’re doing something good for the world and probably enjoying that process as well. However, because so few people do this, it can be difficult to find inspiration for newer projects. Lucky for you, we would love to offer you some inspiration. Below you can find a few examples of rewarding restoration projects.

Restoring gauges

Motorcycle gauges have many different little gauge parts that all need to work together to make the gauge work properly. Restoring these little buggers can be difficult, but as such also very rewarding once you finish one!


Not a lot of people like antique furniture, but once restored and possibly slightly altered, these opinions tend to turn around completely. There are so many different ways to find old antique furniture and items that need some love before they look good again that you will never run out of stuff to restore.

Restoring art

Chances are slim that you will be able to work on famous pieces, but there are many cheap and dirty pieces of art that could look beautiful again if someone would take the time to restore it. With the digital age and online resources, learning how to do this yourself is a challenge but not an impossible one. If you’re looking for something hard, try restoring art.

Brand new inspiration

We hope you found some brand new inspiration regarding old stuff to restore. We hope that you’ve at the very least enjoyed reading this blog. Happy restoring!