TV Replay is one of the difficult challenges for all video delivery professionals.  TV replay issue comes with a mess of more problems too. To fix these all solutions, Divitel has designed several solutions for replay TV operators. It combines with many technologies based components such as, 

  • Load Balancer
  • Middleware
  • Transcoder
  • Origin Server
  • Storage
  • Video Server
  • DRM

Operators Need To Investigate Failures 

Investigation of a failure is the main challenge for replay TV operators. It is extremely sensitive to detect where the failure is coming from. It is similar to hit and trial methods or guess or gut feeling.  It is tough to point out the mainstream issue because it inhibits you from introducing many features, functions, and innovations. There are three steps to improve the functions and provide several services.

Step 1: Independent Replay TV Functionality Report

Right after investigating the issue, the operator or provider has to write an independent report. Independent replay TV report includes the entire process and evaluation to fix the issue. It also triggers to improve the functionality to track Replay TV query on the customer or client basis. The conclusion will be based on the information gathered from our expert during the half-day session with you and your people.

It includes;

  • Current workflows, topology, and data resources.
  • Available types of equipment, screens, data storage, and processing infrastructure.
  • Execute a data audit and gap analysis.
  • Evaluate technical implications and effects.
  • Suggest a high- level solutions, architecture.
  • Formulate and design a possible project scope.

From these steps of the report, we are on the way to improving the specific issue.

Step 2: Replay TV Deployment Plan or Execution

After investigating a problem, the deployment plan comes after.  This step projects the solution for the specific issue and functionality. This step includes the process.

  • Work about possible extreme-level timelines.
  • Clarify and change the architecture blueprint.
  • Determine the integration points to the existing data processing infrastructure.
  • Identify additional requirements for vendors and advise the best-applied technology.
  •  Estimate the CAPEX cost, if applicable.
  •  Estimated OPEX costs, if applicable.
  • Estimate the projected timeline for fixing functionality.
  • Determine all in-house and external resources

Moreover, Divitel replay TV for service providers deals with migration and integration. It allows us to move through the dynamics of modern technology. 

Examples of Execution Plan

SETAR and Kebalnoord are examples of deployment plans using OTT or IPTV and Wi-Fi technologies, respectively.

Step 3: All Replay TV Operations

Deploying solution is a real-time challenge. For this, Divitel as Replay TV for service providers think of the extreme term solutions. It helps the providers to manage several solutions at the same time. Not only helps but to trains the providers for manageability of innumerable solutions. 

Managing different architecture for problems is temporarily a starting point for a longer period with an SLA or a service. Divitel team is highly skilled in the industry, works per ITL and ISO management procedures.  Moreover, It will be continuously looking for various ways to improve or fix your Replay TV service. 

How To Enhance Operating Margin Upto 30 Percent?

Divitel shows high empathetic concern toward its operators and providers.  Few steps help in enhancing the operating services. This margin includes the brief video delivery distribution from money to a honey pot.  It means that Divitel has worked on;

  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced Profitability 
  • Unlocking within different TV operations 
  • Generation of new innovations

Examples of Customer Operating Margin

The two of the major customer examples for Divitel as replay TV for service providers are Vodafone and QUICKLINE. The monitoring and analysis and continuously improving platform being used respectively.

Final Word

Divitel is a highly delivered video distributor with its three packages. To get more information go to and explore the entire processes of replay TV business professionals. Investigate the problem, manage the solutions and challenge it with the Divitel team within no time easily.